The registration is mainly established for all adults (19 years old). The spouse and minor children living under the same roof as the head of the family shall be registered in the alternative. I. The documents to be supplied for the first registration: Algerian citizens residing regularly in the consular district of Kampala wishing to benefit from consular documents are invited to approach the Embassy of Algeria in Kampala to register, a consular registration application supported by a file including :

  1. Identity: national identity card – passport, proof of visa vis-à-vis the National Service;

  2. Nationality: certificate of nationality, birth certificate of father and grandfather in case the applicant was born abroad, decree naturalization, (see nationality code);

  3. Civil status: complete birth certificate, family booklet;

  4. Profession: work certificate, last pay slip, trade register, etc., certificate of education for students, marriage certificate extract for married women, divorce judgment for divorced women;

  5. Residence: valid residence certificate (and photocopy on both sides), issued by the competent local authority of the place of residence, or a document issued by the competent local authorities in the case where the Algerian national is considered to be a national of host country;

  6. Four (04) recent identity photographs from the front and the same draw;

  7. For persons born to an Algerian mother and whose father is unknown or foreign: the certificate of nationality of the mother or, if there is no birth certificate, two birth certificates of his two direct lineal ancestors born in Algeria.

Material Safety Data Sheet

The spouse and minor children living under the same roof as the head of the family are registered in the alternative, to do so it is necessary to present:

For the spouse:  

The same documents listed above + a marriage certificate extract.

For kids:

  1. An extract of birth certificate full copy;

  2. Photocopy of the residence permit;

  3. Two photographs of each child’s identity.

II. The renewal of the consular registration card:

At the expiry of its period of validity, the consular registration card must be renewed; For this purpose, the applicant must produce:

  1. The expired consular registration card,

  2. Two recent passport photos, taken from the front and with the same draw,

  3. The valid residence certificate and its photocopy on both sides, or copy of the …….. internal passport with the registration.

III. Re-registration:

The re-registration shall be carried out under the same conditions as those laid down for the issue.

IV. Transfer of files:

Upon transfer of residence abroad, the administrative file must be the subject of a transfer request from the Embassy of Algeria in Kampala to the post of the new place of residence; To do this, the following documents must be produced:

  1. Handwritten request from the applicant, addressed to one of the two positions,

  2. The consular registration card,

  3. The original and the double-sided photocopy of the residence permit,

  4. Proof of new domicile,

  5. For married couples, the request is made by the head of the family,

  6. For divorced women, the divorce must be attached to the application for transfer of the file.