We are pleased to inform our fellow compatriots who live in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, and registered at the Algerian Embassy in Kampala who are holders of  biometric passports that they can now apply online to obtain the National Biometric Identity Card without providing an administrative file and without They do not move to the embassy’s headquarters, via the following link: https://passeport.interieur.gov.dz/fr/DemandeCNIBE_Fr/Demander
The withdrawal of the new document will take place at the headquarters of the Embassy of Algeria in Kampala upon presentation of an identity document after receipt of an SMS message or an e-mail.


The National Identity Card of Algeria, valid for 10 years, is issued without age conditions to the Algerian nationals registered by the Consular Service on presentation of the following documents:

  1. A valid consular registration card;
  2. An ID card application form (PDF formatDownload link below) duly completed, dated and signed;
  3. For a married woman, to provide, as the case may be, a marriage certificate or a divorce certificate as per the divorce decree accompanied by a certificate of divorce or certificate of non-appeal for the divorced woman;
  4. three (03) recent recent passport-size photographs;
  5. Settlement, in local currency, of the Chancery fees as per the value of the stamp duty.


The renewal of the Algerian identity card is carried out under the same conditions as those required for its issuance. The person concerned must also:

  1. return his / her expired or damaged card;
  2. The ID card application form (PDF format) duly completed dated and signed;
  3. File a declaration of loss at the Consular service or report the theft at the police station.

For minors

  1. A Valid father’s consular registration card.
  2. An ID card application form (PDF format) duly completed, dated and signed (Download link below);
  3. Minor’s birth certificate;
  4. Three recent passport photos, front and back;
  5. Paternal authorization;
  6. Payment of chancery rights from the value of the tax stamp.