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The President of the People’s National Assembly represents President Bouteflika at the Extraordinary Session of the OIC Islamic Summit Conference. Istanbul. 13/12/2017.

The President of the People’s National Assembly, Said Bouhadja, affirmed, Wednesday, December 13, 2017 in Istanbul, that the US President’s decision to transfer the US embassy to the occupied holy city of Al-Quds was a “a flagrant violation of international law and international legality which will have serious repercussions on peace and security both in the region and in the world”.

“This unprecedented and iniquitous decision constitutes a flagrant violation of international law, international legality and related UN and Security Council decisions and will have grave consequences, and an impact on peace and security in the region and around the world”, “said Bouhadja, who represented President Abdelaziz Bouteflika at the Extraordinary session of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Al-Quds.

The president of the PNA added that this is “a real regression in the Middle East peace process, a challenge for the entire Muslim Nation, for the Palestinian people and its symbols, and a transgression of the Palestinian people and their symbols”, he added,”

“The wide condemnation and formal rejection of this serious US decision, expressed by several countries and international and regional organizations as well as by personalities who are committed to peace in the world, are an indisputable proof of the international community’s commitment to the principles of international law and its determination to support efforts to end the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East on the basis of the two-State solution”, said the president of the NPC.

“This international trend is a testament to the diplomatic and political victories of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian people at the level of the United Nations and the Organization for Education, Culture and Science (UNESCO) in particular”.

The United States is called upon to reconsider its decision and resume its role as sponsor of the peace process.

The representative of the President of the Republic said “we categorically reject this illegal measure and its fallout and call on the United States of America to reconsider its decision and resume its role of sponsor of the peace process”.

“We call on all countries of the world not to recognize or follow this decision, but to remain committed to international legality and the peace process and to the foundations of the two-State solution”,

Mr Bouhadja urged the international community to “continue pressing Israeli to comply with the decisions of international legality,” calling on it to “renew its support for the Palestinian people and their resistance against occupation until they regain all their rights “.

Moreover, the president of the Algerian delegation said that “the suffering of the Palestinian people is increasing because of the repressive and arbitrary practices of the Israeli occupation, of its policy of colonization, of the continuation of the iniquitous blockade imposed on the Ghaza Bank. and the systematic expulsion of Muslim and Christian populations from the city of El Qods in the context of the transformation of the Holy city on Jewish  place that affects different institutions and aspects of the life of this city “.

“Palestinians, despite the lack of prospects for a political solution to end the occupation and respond to their legitimate demands, have adhered, seriously and sincerely, to the peace process and demonstrated, each time, their respect for international legality and the demands of a peaceful solution “.

“In return, they did not find in the Israeli side a serious partner with the same will, adhering to the framework governing the peace process and respectful of the principles of international law”.

In regard to the conflict in the Middle East, the worst is to manipulate the negotiations, to avoid the commitments, to save time and to impose the fait accompli, and continue to confiscate the rights of Palestinians.

Recalling that the OIC “which was created with the objective of defending the city of El-Qods, the president of the NPC said that the organization is called upon today to take a firm and pragmatic position for the protection of the Holy City, through collective action to prevent further unilateral measures aimed at confiscating the rights of Palestinians and undermining any prospect of a just and final solution to this issue “.

The Islamic Ummah must tighten its ranks and overcome its differences.

“We must, in this difficult and sensitive situation, face such measures with serious action to strengthen the ranks of the Islamic Ummah and unify its positions in order to overcome differences and mobilize the energies and means to meet this challenge which undermines our sacred symbols,” Bouhadja said.

“We must also consolidate, through various political and material means, support for our Palestinian brothers and seek ways to strengthen their fight against plans to erase their existence and their legal rights in Palestinian territory, including by encouraging them to realize Palestinian reconciliation, to unify their ranks and to overcome their differences to face the occupying Israeli,” he continued.

“Algeria, faithful to its constant position and unconditional support for the just Palestinian cause, reiterates, from this rostrum, its support for the Palestinian brothers in this difficult challenge and reaffirms its support for the struggle of the Palestinian people for the establishment of its Independent and fully sovereign state, at the 1967 borders, with El-Qods as capital “.

Istanbul Declaration Al Quds

Paragraph 6. “We call upon all countries which have not yet recognized the State of Palestine, which was declared in 1988 in Algeria as the result of the will of the Palestinian people to live freely, to take this vital step. Recognition of the State of Palestine has now become essential in order to achieve balance for the prevalence of common sense and conscience in the region in the wake of recent developments”.

Final communiqué OCI Al Quds