Sep 30, 2023 to Sep 30, 2023

The Police Chiefs of Uganda, Rwanda & Burundi will attend the 1st General Assembly of AFRIPOL. Algiers, 14-16 May 2017.

The first General of “Afripol” will be held in Algiers from 14th to 16th May with a very large attendance of African Police Chiefs.

Uganda will be represented by the Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura, Rwanda will be represented by the inspector General of Police Emmanuel Gasana, and Burundi by the Deputy IGP, Bizimana Godefroid.

The first meeting of the Ad-Hoc Committee on the Establishment of the African Mechanism for Police Cooperation (AFRIPOL) was held at the African Union (AU) Headquarters, Addis Ababa, on 2 July 2014. The meeting was organized in implementation of the Algiers Declaration on the Establishment of AFRIPOL, issued by African Police Chiefs and Directors General, during their meeting in Algiers on 10-11 February 2014 and endorsed by the 23rd AU Summit held in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, on 20-27 June 2014.

In this context, an ad hoc committee co-chaired by Algeria and Uganda, and bringing together the representatives of African regional organizations of police cooperation, was mandated to develop the draft statutes of AFRIPOL and other legal texts that will govern its organization.

meeting of African Police Chiefs in Algiers. 10-11 feb 2014