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The Government of Mozambique condemns Morocco’s attitude at TICAD VI. 28th August 2017.

Under the title “MINEC condemns Morocco for usurpation of competences at the TICAD Ministerial Conference”, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Of Mozambique published on August 28th a statement in which the Government of Mozambique gives information about the disrespectful and aggressive attitude of the Moroccan delegation at the TICAD meeting held in Maputo, 24-25 August 2017.

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The Republic of Mozambique hosted, from August 23 to 25, 2017, the Ministerial Meeting of the Tokyo International Conference for Africa Development (TICAD).

It was for Mozambique an honor and prestige to have hosted this important event, which is also an acknowledgement of the excellent level of relationship between Mozambique, Japan and the other TICAD co-organizers. Mozambique expresses its satisfaction for the outcome of the meeting, which shows the commitment of the Member States in to contributing for the success of the TICAD agenda for the sustainable development of Africa.

In the course of the proceedings, and due to a stalemate about the format of the event, Japan and the African Union reached a consensus for the participation of all members of the African Union in the Maputo meeting.

Notwithstanding and regrettably, the delegation of the Kingdom of Morocco, beyond its mandate, has hijacked the competencies of the co-organizers and of the host country by awarding to itself the right to control the accesses to the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Center, venue of the meeting, and to the meeting room, having even resorted to violence.

In coping with the breach or law and order, the Government of Mozambique had to restore normalcy to ensure the safety of all participants and ensure the smooth continuation of the event, including the opening ceremony, honored by His Excellency Filipe Jacinti Nyusi, President of Mozambique.

Being Morocco a member of the African Union, Mozambique expresses its dismay for this unacceptable behavior against another member of the organization, and a breach of the guiding principles on the respectful and cordial relations between States.

Whereas Mozambique values its bilateral relationship with the Kingdom of Morocco, it nonetheless, condemns the deplorable behavior of its delegation, which reveals a choking lack of composure and respect for the high office of His Excellency the President of the Republic, for the nature of TICAD, as well as for other participants; distinguished representatives of sovereign States, international organizations and development partners.

The Government of the Republic of Mozambique reiterates its acknowledgement to Japan, to other TICAD co-organizers, to all participant delegations and to development partners for their support and collaboration given for the success of this Ministerial Meeting.

The Government of Mozambique reiterate its commitment to do its outmost to; in collaboration with participant partners and countries, further ensure the success of TICAD, a sound mutually beneficial strategic partnership between Japan and African countries.

Maputo, August 28, 2017