Embassy of Cuba in Uganda – Communiqué


A Uganda-Cuba solidarity Movement was launched on November 27, 2017- the first anniversary of the physical demise of the invincible and eternal Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz. Around fifty members of the Cuba-Uganda Solidarity Movement in Uganda (Pan-African Movement, Uganda-Cuba Friendship Association and Youth Movement of Africa), the Ambassador of Algeria and diplomats from African countries; Cuban residents and officials of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Kampala, gathered at the Mission’s headquarters on Saturday afternoon to pay tribute to the immortal figure of Fidel and his legacy.

During the event, which culminated in the filming of a documentary “Fidel es Fidel” by Cuban documentary maker Roberto Chile, leaders and members of the solidarity movement highlighted the life and work of the distinguished revolutionary and immortal Cuban statesman of all times, highlighting his humanly and oneness vocation, as well as the selfless contribution and unwavering solidarity of the island, under his leadership and guidance, to the peoples of Africa and other parts of the universe.

Those present expressed the commitment to follow their example and keep their legacy alive through daily actions in favor of Pan-African ideas of dignity, social justice and independence, not only in Uganda but also on the African continent. By unanimously calling the Commander in Chief a paradigm of the anti-imperialist struggle and for a better world for all, they reaffirmed their willingness to continue supporting the Cuban people in their fight against the unjust and criminal blockade imposed by the United States government for more than fifty years, at the time they demanded their unconditional and definitive uprising.

This event was presided over, together with the Ambassador of Cuba in Uganda, Antonio Luis Pubillones Izaguirre, by colleagues Grace M. Kabay, executive secretary of the Pan-African Women’s Organization; Colonel Ba Hoko Barigye, director of the Uganda-Cuba Friendship Association; Newton Balenzi, director of the Pan-African Movement Uganda Chapter; the member of the solidarity movement Fatumata Toure, daughter of the political leader and former Guinean president Ahmed Sekou Toure, and Ellis Kasirye, president of the Youth Movement (Youth) of Africa.

Both the heartfelt words of the speakers and various moments and passages of the documentary aroused long applauses and ovations in honor of all those who agreed to honor the “Great man” and “tireless fighter and defender” of the just causes and the poor of the world.

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