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Saharawi Foreign Minister : Morocco should not waste more time. 19/11/2017

Statement by Mohamed Salem Ould Salek

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic




EXTERIORES 2017/11/19


“The presence of the Sahrawi Republic at the fifth summit of the AU-EU partnership due to take place in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) in the few coming days is as a strategic victory for the Sahrawi State.

This fact confirms that the Moroccan illegal military occupation of parts of our national territory is ill-fated and that the total withdrawal of the occupying forces is inevitable. It also demonstrates that the Sahrawi State will take its place at the United Nations and in all continental and international organisations and institutions.

No doubt, the Moroccan diplomacy must have realised that France’s pressure within the European Union and its blatant representations made to the host country and the lobbying campaigns have not affected the status of the Sahrawi State because it is a national, continental and international fact thatenjoys strong support in Africa and worldwide.

The international community, including the European Union and its member States, as well as world organisations and courts do not recognise Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Lying to the Moroccan people through statements and articles appearing in some media on the regime’s payroll cannot hide the successive defeats of the Moroccan occupation policies.

That Morocco occupies or vacates its seat anywhere will notstop the Sahrawi people from restoring their sovereignty over their homeland. It will notprevent the Sahrawi Republic from taking its seat at the United Nations and raising its flag among the flags of world nations at the headquarters of the General Assembly in New York alongside the Moroccan flag, as is the case today in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

We urge to the Kingdom of Morocco not to waste more time, to respect its internationally recognised borders, and to deal with the Sahrawi Republic and with all countries of the region based on mutual respect and common destiny. Acting in the opposite direction will represent a reprehensible squandering of the Moroccan people’s resources and a waste oftime that will only lead to more deprivation and miseryin Morocco”.