Sep 30, 2023 to Sep 30, 2023

Mrs. Amira ElFadil, African Union Commissioner for Social Affairs Advances in Algiers the Establishment of the Great Museum of Africa.

The Commissioner for Social Affairs, H.E. Mrs. Amira El Fadil, held, on April 27th in Algiers, a meeting on with Minister of Culture, H.E. Mr. Azzedine Mihoubi, in the Ministry of Culture and discussed on the modalities of the establishment of one of the African Union Flagship Projects, the Great Museum of Africa.

During her meeting with the Minister, H.E. Mrs ElFadil was informed about the concrete steps taken by the Government of Algeria to build the museum.

Pertinent issues such as establishment of Technical and Advisory Committee to develop the roadmap for the implementation of the Great Museum of Africa were raised during the meeting. It was mentioned that AU Member States are encouraged to provide financial resources for the museum for the construction of the Great Museum of Africa.

H.E. Mrs. ElFadil was pleased to see from a distance, on the shores of Mediterranean Sea, the plot of land earmarked by Algerian government.

During their meeting, H.E. Mrs. El-Fadli and Honourable Minister, Mr. Mihoubi discussed other cultural issues such as the protection of African cultural heritage and empowerment of cultural institutions.

Following their meeting, they jointly inaugurated the opening of the 3rd Exhibition of the National Copyright and Adjacent Rights Authority. The event was colourfully organized and comprised of exhibitions and performance by different cultural groups. These include, musicians, artisans, cinema and theatre and literation among others. Other countries also such as Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Ethiopia and France participated in the exhibition.