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Foreign Minister Messahel represents President Bouteflika at the works of the Davos World Economic Forum & presents Algerian experience in the field of the De-radicalization. 24/01/2018.

Davos (Switzerland) –The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel,  attended the  Davos World Economic Forum from the 22nd to the 24th January in the capacity of Representative of the President of the Republic, Adelaziz Bouteflika at the works of the World Economic Summit in Davos Switzerland.

He took part, in his capacity as panelist, particularly during the session that will examine the situation in North Africa and the Middle East.

He outlined in Davos, Algeria’s experience in the field of fighting terrorism, de-radicalization and the promotion of values of living together, tolerance and reconciliation.

Addressing the main theme of the meeting, the Minister said that Algeria, which is facing several challenges stemming from the prevailing situation in its geopolitical environment, managed to overcome these difficulties, particularly due to the experience acquired in as far as fighting terrorism and violent extremism are concerned.

He reminded, in this regard, that Algeria ‘which combated and won the murderous and destructive fury of the terrorist hydra in the 90’s, is mobilizing her resources to consolidate stability and security to promote her social economic development.’

Messahel also highlighted ‘the contribution of our country towards the stabilization of her immediate neighborhood by opting for peaceful means of dialogue, consultation and negotiation’

De-radicalization: The Algerian approach will serve as a world model (Carnegie)

While detailing Algeria’s global approach, initiated by President Bouteflika, Mr. Messahel stated that this approach ‘was notably based on civil concord and national reconciliation which once again brought together all the children of the country around one agenda; that of building a modern, democratic, republican Algeria, respectful of Human Rights and Fundamental Liberties, as well as putting in place institutions and norms founded on reconciliation and appropriation of this national historic fact and its identity’.

The head of the Algerian diplomacy, as well mentioned Algeria’s efforts towards the edification of a strong State, capable and just, relying on the primacy of the Rule of Law and having institutions enjoying the confidence of the population, as well as the return to political, economic, social and institutional stability.

It is in response to this vision that the amendments introduced in the Constitution in 2016, namely the choice of participatory democracy, as an antidote for violent extremism, terrorism and other social plagues, the strengthening of the separation of powers and the independence of the Judiciary and the broadening of the scope of freedom in favor of the different actors within the society, including political parties, citizens’ organizations and the responsibility that these choices apply’ he underscored.