Sep 27, 2023 to Sep 27, 2023

Dr Michael Ahimbisibwe participates at the 15th ministerial session of IEF – Algiers

Algiers, 26-28 sept. 2016.

At the invitation of the Algerian Ministry of Energy,Dr Michael Ahimbisibwe , Senior Energy Officer of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development of the Republic of Uganda, participate to the 15th ministerial session of the International Energy  held in Algiers from 26 to 28 September 2016.
As a reminder, cooperation in the field of Energy between Algeria and Uganda was among the points on the agenda of the State visit of President MUSEVENI in Algeria in October 2015. On this occasion, President MUSEVENI had visited the refinery of Sidi Rezine in Algiers, which had been built in 1964, two years after the Independence of Algeria.