Sep 27, 2023 to Sep 27, 2023

Double Anniversary of August 20th : President Tebboune calls for preservation of collective memory.

President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune called, on Friday, to preserve the collective memory and to ensure its protection from the trickery of those who drag, for decades, their hatred and bitter resentment for the achievements of independent and sovereign Algeria.

In a message addressed to the Algerians on the celebration of the National Mujahid Day, marking the double anniversary of the North Constantine Attacks and the Soummam Congress (August 20, 1955 and 1956), President Tebboune recalled that the celebration of the National Mujahid Day took place this year, concomitantly, with “the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the recovery of national sovereignty, as a result of the mobilization of national capacities and wealth in the service of Algerian people, who aspire to see Algeria of the martyrs, strong in its institutions and constitutional authorities, worthy and proud of its successive glories through the different parts of its history and of the vivid sacrifices in our collective memory.”

“We are called upon to protect our collective memory from the trickery of those who, for decades, drag behind them their hatred and bitter resentment for the achievements of independent and sovereign Algeria and its indescribable glories, said the President of the Republic, emphasizing that “the double anniversary of the North Constantine Attacks and the Soummam Congress (August 20, 1955 and 1956), are eloquent witnesses to the bearing of a whole generation of valiant nationalists who traced the path to follow the construction of our Algeria, and bequeathed to its people the values of freedom and dignity.”

“The efforts to be made together to enable Algeria to regain its rightful place are as important as the steps already taken to make up for lost time and recover the resources squandered by the corrupt individuals, in order to allow the country, as we had promised to people, to initiate a new dynamic of development, a dynamic liberating initiatives and energy, where justice and equity will reign,” added President Tebboune.

“In the Algeria that we are building together, there is no place for practices that have undermined the people’s confidence in the institutions of the State…The Law will be supreme and will punish anyone who dares to touch the money of the people, or attack the safeguards governing membership in these institutions…At the same time, the doors remain wide open to any ambition or aspiration to gain, as long as this is done in transparency, and within the framework of the incentives and encouragements offered by the State to create wealth and jobs,” affirmed the President of the Republic.

“It is because all our historic days are a source of pride, like the North Constantine attacks led by the martyrs, the hero Zighoud Youcef and his brave companions on August 20, 1955, or even the Soummam Congress in Ifri Ouzellaguen, on the outskirts of the Soummam valley on August 20, 1956, that our loyalty to our valiant Shuhada and our loyalty to the oath we had sworn to them, challenge us to continue our path that they traced for us to build the Algeria of today, an Algeria capable of facing the challenges that arise in its close environment, but also, the Algeria of tomorrow which will be able to adapt to international changes,” he added.

The President of the Republic also paid tribute to the People’s National Army, a worthy heir to the National Liberation Army, which shared with the Algerian people, on July 5, a moment of pride and dignity through great scenes.

President Tebboune also paid tribute to the mujahidat and the mujahideen, and our valiant Shuhada who left us.