Sep 27, 2023 to Sep 27, 2023

Communiqué – New procedure to acquire Certificate of Competency for a Driving Permit for Algerian citizens resident abroad.


Within the coordination framework of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Local Communities and Physical Planning and in order to improve the conditions and the time-frames for the issuance of a Certificate of Competency for a Driving Permit, this is to inform the general public that on the proposal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, instructions have been given to all the Walis, walis delegates, heads of the Dairas and Presidents of Communal Popular Assemblies – APC so as to enable all citizens resident abroad to acquire a Certificate of Competency for a Driving Permit upon producing proof of residence abroad (CIC, Residence Permit, Employment Certificate, Certificate of School Attendance etc). Collection can be done by the concerned person or a third party authorized to do so.

This procedure cancels and replaces the Certificate of Consular registration issued by the Central Administration Services – It should be noted that this new measure does not apply to nationals resident in Tunisia, Libya, Spain and Italy owing to bilateral agreements on the conversion of Driving Permits binding Algeria with those countries.