Sep 30, 2023 to Sep 30, 2023

Commemoration of the National Day of the Mujaheed (Combatant of the National Liberation Army).

President Bouteflika: “the historical dates of 20 August 1955 and 20 August 1956 are a decisive turning point in the history of the revolution”.

 Tlemcen- President of the Republic Abdelaziz Bouteflika said that the historical dates of 20 August 1955 and 20 August 1956 were “a decisive turning point in the history of our glorious war”, calling for lessons to be learned in order to face the challenges of the current era.

“This memorable occasion leads us to meditate on the high genius who inspired the generation of November and which made it possible to begin a decisive turning point through two historical dates, those of 20 August 1955 and 20 August 1956, which gave rise to important results and positive outcomes internally and externally”.

President Bouteflika said in a message on the occasion of the day of the Mujahedin, read on his behalf by the Minister of the Mujahedin Tayeb Zitouni.

“The celebration of this day dedicated to the Mujahedin in commemoration of two important dates in the history of the struggle of the Algerian people stems from the interest accorded to its intrinsic values ​​which illustrate its fighting strength for the country and freedom”. President Bouteflika stressed “the importance of evoking the historical context of the 61st anniversary of the congress of the Soummam and the 62nd anniversary of the offensive of North Constantine to think about their symbolic dimension and contemplate the greatness, and the accomplishments made by the Algerian people who supported their leaders at a difficult time and with personal means. “

In this context, the head of state said that “the offensive in the region of North Constantine in August 1955 showed the temerity of our valiant mujahideen and the foresight of their glorious leaders. Algerian people with the National Liberation Army (ALN) composed of their children, a merger that formally helped convince the world that the liberation struggle that began on 1 November 1954 was the struggle of a whole people who decided to break The colonial yoke and regain its independence “.

“The inclusion of the Algerian issue at the UN and the solidarity and support movement emanating from the people were suggested by the gesture of the children of the homeland in the interior and by the outward repercussion of the revolution which made it possible to win the material and moral support of the nations”, affirmed the president, emphasizing that ” our glorious revolution had the merit to break the wall of the hegemony imposed on the oppressed people in different countries of the world. It helped to enshrine the right of colonized people to freedom and independence, through the famous UN resolution of December 1960. “

In his message, President Bouteflika referred to the Soummam congress held on 20 August 1956 “at a time when our revolution needed a start to consolidate the achievements and lay the organizational foundations on the military and Political wings“, stressing that “despite the various analyses and readings made around the Congress of the Revolution (August 20, 1956), it remains that this is an event to be marked with a white stone in the Epic of the glorious Revolution of November”.

The President called on all Algerians to “celebrate this date, symbol of the glory and genius of their predecessors, and to draw from the Congress of the Soummam and the Offensive of the North- Constantinois (August 20, 1955), the teachings necessary to meet the challenges of the time, “stressing that” it is not only to evoke and pride stations of the November revolution, to work to safeguard the achievements by acts and positions allowing the generation of independent Algeria to meet the challenges of the time and to preserve the legacy of our glorious martyrs and our valiant mujahideen.

After hailing “the merit of the mujahideen and martyrs who have allowed our people and our country to regain freedom, independence and sovereignty after nearly a century and a half of abject colonialism, the President called on “the generations of independence to take up the heavy challenges facing our country, particularly in terms of security, preservation of the development process and the economic sovereignty of our country.”

The President affirmed that “it is the duty of the government and its social and economic partners to set an example for our people through solidarity, mobilization and the unification of ranks so that our country can mobilize energies and invest constructively in the different capacities and potentialities of its children.”

“Winning this battle in this context of multiple external pressures, mainly due to a dizzying fall in oil prices over the past three years, requires all Algerians, regardless of their functions and positions, to take advantage of all strengths and capabilities to meet this challenge, “he said.

The President also welcomed “the efforts deployed by the elements of the National People’s Army (ANP) and the security forces to ensure the security and stability of the country’s territorial integrity” , Affirming that “the Algerian people can remain in peace in trust of the National People’s Army, formerly the National Liberation Army, especially when it comes to ensuring the security of the country, its citizens and its territorial integrity “.

“I bow to the memory of our glorious martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the liberation of Algeria and I salute, on this occasion, the mujahideen and mujahidate for all their contribution to the liberation struggle and their contributions to the process of the construction of independent Algeria” concluded the President.