Sep 29, 2023 to Sep 29, 2023

Belani responds to “ridiculously irresponsible” statements of Morocco’s representative to UN

ALGIERS- The special envoy for Western Sahara Issue and Maghreb Countries Amar Belani responded Monday to the “ridiculously irresponsible” statements made by Morocco’s permanent representative to the United Nations which attempted to undermine the national unity of the Algerian people.

“Incorrigible Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations has again made ridiculously irresponsible statements undermining miserably the national unity of the Algeria people,” said Belani in a statement to APS, underlining that the unity of the Algerian people was “forged in the burning crucible of our glorious liberation war.”

“Naturally, the one whose modern State (i.e. Morocco) was founded by the resident general of the French protectorate marshal Lyautey (whose equestrian statute is still in Casablanca) can’t understand the patriotic consciousness which fiercely driven on the Algerian people in defending their national unity and their country’s territorial integrity.”

“By rereading the idiotic remarks of the hilarious ambassador, we could only think about the fate of the peaceful people of the Rif who are subjected to a brutal repression and whose innocent leaders are rotting in the medieval jails of the Kingdom, undergoing the worst physical abuses and humiliations,” said Belani