The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel, participated as Personal Representative of the President of the Republic on the works of the Solidarity Summit on Refugees held in Kampala on 22nd and 23rd June in Kampala. On this occasion, he that Algeria’s participation in the second summit is intended as a further demonstration of solidarity and support for the Republic of Uganda, its leaders and its people, who bear the burden of refugees of all nationalities. As part of his participation as the whose work was opened today in Kampala, Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel affirmed that : “Algeria’s participation in this second summit is a new testimony of solidarity and support for the Republic of Uganda, its leaders and its people, who bear the weight of an ever-increasing number Refugees of all nationalities “. Mr. Messahel also noted that this Summit comes just one year after the New York Summit of September 2016, dedicated to refugees and migrants, which made it possible to highlight for the first time the problem of these millions of people forced into exile and seeking security and protection. The Minister of Foreign Affairs then underlined the fact that States hosting refugees cannot limit themselves to drawing from their resources alone, a situation which has consequences for their economic and social development. He also recalled that Algeria, which in the past had shown its solidarity with the Ugandan people at the first Summit in 2009, to which President Abdelaziz Bouteflika had personally participated, “will not fail to pursue its solidarity by joining in the effort of the international community to take charge of the issue of refugees “. Similarly, on the issue of migration, the Minister of Foreign Affairs pointed out that Africa, the continent with the largest intra-regional flows in the world, “will continue to advocate for Oriented towards addressing the root causes of this phenomenon by promoting a comprehensive, integrated, concerted, balanced and inclusive approach to which my country has always subscribed”.