Sep 27, 2023 to Sep 27, 2023

Algeria’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdelkader Messahel begins a tour in some Sahel countries : Mauritania, Chad, Mali & Niger.

In Nouakchott, Messahel was welcomed by his counterpart, Mr Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izidbih, and he was received in audience by President of Mauritania Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz to whom he delivered a message sent by President Abdelaziz_Bouteflika.

On this occasion, the Mauritanian President welcomed the “quality” of the bilateral relations, while indicating “his will to strengthen them further”. In this context, he placed a special emphasis on the importance of bilateral mechanisms that should be used to explore ways of boosting and diversifying cooperation between the two countries.

Messahel, for his part, “congratulated the state of implementation of the decisions taken at the 18th session of the Great Mixed Commission held in Algiers in December 2016”

In this regard, the forthcoming opening of the border crossing is part of “this shared will to strengthen economic and trade exchanges between the two countries”.