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Algerian Khadidja Ladjel re-elected At UN Convention On Rights of All Migrant Workers. 30/06/2015.

Mrs Khadidja Ladjel has been re-elected on 30 June 2015 at the United Nations Convention on the Rights of all Migrant Workers and Members of their Families with 37 votes out of 46.


The Committee on Migrant Workers is currently composed of 14 independent experts (persons of high moral character, impartiality and recognized competence in the field covered by the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families).

Members are elected for a term of four years by States parties in accordance with article 72 of the Convention. Members serve in their personal capacity and may be re-elected if nominated.

Members are elected at meetings of States parties, in accordance with article 72  of the Convention.  For more information on the elections of the Committee on Migrant Workers, please refer to the link Meeting of States parties/Elections.

The CVs of the current members are available by clicking on the names of the members in the below table.

The composition of the Committee on Migrant Workers is now as follows:

Name of Member


Term expires

Philippines 31.12.2017
Ms Salome CASTELLANOS DELGADO Honduras 21.12.2017
Argentina 31.12.2017
Ms Fatoumata Abdourhamane DICKO
Mali 31.12.2017
Ms. Jasminka DZUMHUR
Bosnia and Herzegovina 31.12.2019
Mr. Ahmed Hassan EL-BORAI Egypt 31.12.2019
Mr. Abdelhamid EL JAMRI
Morocco 31.12.2019
Mr. Md. Shahidul HAQUE Bangladesh 31.12.2017
Mr. Prasad KARIYAWASAM Sri Lanka 31.12.2017
Ms Khedidja LADJEL Algeria 31.12.2019
Ms. Maria LANDAZURI DE MORA Ecuador 31.12.2019
Mr. Marco NUÑEZ-MELGAR MAGUIÑA Peru 31.12.2019
Mr. Ahmadou TALL Senegal 31.12.2017
Mr. Can ÜNVER Turkey 31.12.2019