Sep 23, 2023 to Sep 23, 2023

Algeria to host Arab Center for prevention of earthquakes and other natural disasters headquarters. 29/10/2017.

A headquarters agreement was signed, on 29th October, in Algiers between the Algerian government and the Arab Centre for Earthquake Disaster Prevention coming under the Arab League, marking the official launch of the centre’s activities on the national territories.

The agreement was signed by the Director General of Protocols at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lounes Magramane and the Director of the Arab Center for Earthquake and Natural Disaster Prevention, Amer Belhadj Aissa, in the presence of Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel, and the Minister of Housing, Urbanism and the City, Abdelwahid Temmar.

Under this agreement, the center, located in Algiers, will cover the  national territory, said Amer Belhadj Aissa.

This agreement concerns the “rights and duties of the center towards the Algerian Republic as well as the rights and duties of the officials of the center as international executives working on the national territory” added the official.

He explained in this sense that the center is a specialized Arab institution under the Arab League and an important member of the Arab common action system.

The Arab Center for the Prevention of Earthquake and Natural Disaster Hazards headquartered in Algeria and funded by all Arab countries. It will contribute to creating an Arab mechanism for rapid response to assist disaster stricken countries, and coordinate among agencies and specialized centers in Arab countries under the umbrella of the Arab League. Also, stimulate the role of government and regional organizations and boost coordination between them and UN regional offices to limit the impact of disasters.