Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel said Tuesday in Algiers, the results of the third Algeria-Guinea joint commission was “new step” in strengthening bilateral cooperation.

“The results we reached during this 3rd session of the Joint Committee clearly mark a new qualitative step in strengthening our cooperation,” Messahel said in an address at the closing of the commission.

He said that these results “reflect the common desire of both countries to give a concrete and pragmatic orientation to the Algeria-Guinea relations which must now be part of the realization of concrete and mutually beneficial projects to serve the well-being of our populations”.

“This strong will of our two countries is also reflected in the establishment of a monitoring mechanism which will be responsible for ensuring the proper implementation of the decisions taken and the effective implementation of the commitments we have reached and the projects we identify, “Messahel added.

He pointed out that “it is only through effective application of the decisions we have reached that we will be able to give a new dynamic to our cooperation”, saying “convinced” of a “considerable” contribution (from experts of the joint commission) for the deepening and densification of Algeria-Guinea cooperation.

On the political front, Messahel said that the many niches of cooperation that have been identified “reflect the common commitment of both countries to give their cooperation an exemplary dimension”.

“The discussions we have had helped to strengthen the political dialogue between our two countries,” said Messahel, also welcoming “the convergence of analysis and positions of the two sides on many regional and international issues”.

For his part, Guinea’s Foreign Minister Mamady Toure said the joint commission “reflected the excellent relations of friendship and solidarity that unite the two countries,” adding that the two-day meeting “also enabled the exploration of ways and means of intensifying cooperation and establishing an exemplary partnership between Algeria and Guinea “.

“The spirit of brotherhood and understanding that has marked our work is a valuable asset and additional motivation that will foster the consolidation of relations in the areas agreed,” Guinean Minister said.

For Touré, “the successful resumption of official consultations between the two countries after a long period of lethargy, is a tangible sign of the common desire to revitalize the joint commission, this beautiful instrument of bilateral cooperation”.

“Our ambition is to promote the unity of the African continent, promote integration between states and democratic values, our duty is to fight relentlessly against terrorism and criminal organizations,” he concluded.