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63rd Anniversary of the Triggering of the Algerian Revolution November 1st, 1954.





1st of NOVEMBER1954: Triggering of the Algerian Liberation War

Synthesis of one PHASE (1954-1962) of a great and long struggle (1830-1962)


November 03 French reactions to the triggering of the Revolution.
November 05 Death of Ben Abdelmalek Ramdane in action near Mostaganem & French political reactions.
November 18 Death in action of Badji Mokhtar near Souk Ahras.
November 29 Death in action of Belgacem Grine in Aures mountains.
December 23 Beginning of military operations.


January 14 Arrest in Tunisia of Mustapha Benboulaïd, head of zone I.

Death in action of Didouche Mourad, head of zone II in the battle of Boukarkar.

January 23 Pursuance of military operations and starting of operations Violette-Véronique.
January 25 Appointment of Jacques Soustelle as general governor in replacement of Roger Leonard.
February 05 Failure of Mendes France policy and fall of the french government.
April 01 Approbation by the French national Assembly of the application of the law  bearing Emergency State for duration of 06 months.
May 15 Reinforcement of the French war effort: Allocation of 15 milliard francs to   put an end to the Revolution.
May 16


The French minister’s council decides to assign 40 thousand additional soldiers and calls back reservists to reinforce the French war effort.
June 01



Jacques Soustelle announces some reforms.
June 13 Among the NLA battles : First battle of el Hamima in department I.
24 June  Arrest of Lamine Debaghine.
July 13 Birth of the Algerian Muslim Students General Union.
August 20 Beginning of attacks in North of Constantine area.
September 22 Battles of the NLA in department I : Battle of El Djorf 1
September 29 Creation of the French Specialized Administrative services (Propaganda anti-Revolution and containtment of the civilian populations.
October 01 ·         The arms during the Revolution: Arrival of an arms and ammunitions lot on board  jordanian ship Diana.

·         Beginning of the NLA attacks in the Algerian West.

October 27 Boudghine Ben Ali (Lotfi) joins the ranks of the NLA.
October 30 Death in action of Chihani Bachir, head of department I.
December 10 Support to the French war effort: Arrival of 180.000 soldiers to Algeria.


January 7 The Muslim Ulemas Association proclaims its self-dissolution and its rallying to the Revolution.
January 19 Murder of Dr Benzerdjeb in Tlemcen.
February 24 Creation of the Algerian workers General Union.
March 22 Death in action of Mustapha Benboulaïd.
April 05 Desertion: Maillot deserts and joins the renks of the Revolution with a quantity of arms.
April 16 Death in action of Souidani Boudjemaâ in the surroundings of Koléa.
April 22 Ferhat Abbas dissolves the AMDU.
April 22 Ahmed Francis joins the ranks of the Revolution.
April 28 The NLA faces a combing operation called «The hope and the gun ».
May 06 Battles of the NLA in department I: Battle of Djebel Boutaleb.
May 19 Strike of the Algerian Muslim Students General Union who join the Revolution.
May 23 Arrest of Aïssat Idir.
July 07 Batlles of the NLA in department IV: Battle of Ouarsenis.
August 20 Holding of Soummam Congress.
September 23 Death in action of Zighoud Youcef in Sidi Ferghich.
October 16 The arms during the Revolution: The French forces hail the ship Athos with 70 tons of ammunitions onboard her.
November 01 The NLF diffuses Soummam Congress resolutions.
November 08 Battles of the NLA in department 6 : Battle of Djebel Bouk’hil.
December  09 Battles of the NLA in department 6 : Battle of Nsin’sa


January 01 Creation of “The voice of Algeria” radio.
January 07 Beginning of Algiers battle under the leadership of General Massu.
January 09 Creation of the Algerian Red Crescent.
January 28 Begining of the eight days strike.
February 23 Arrest of Larbi Ben M’hidi.
March 03 Death under torture of Larbi Ben M’hidi.
April 08 Creation of the NLF sports team.
April 20 Battles of the NLA in department V : battle of Fellaoucène.
May 28 Death in action of Ali Mellah, head of department VI.
June 12 The French parliament gives its approval for the formation of Bourges-Maunoury government.
July 19 Battles of the NLA in department IV: Battle of Djebel Bouzegza.
August  05 Republication of the newspaper El Moudjahid in Tunis.
August 06 Sahara scission policy: Decree of Max Lejeune to divide the Sahara.
August 28 Holding of the 1st National Congress of the Algerian Revolution in Cairo
September 19 Approbation of the frame law relative to Algeria by the French Ministers Council.
October 08 Death in action of Ali Ammar (Ali Lapointe) and Hassiba Benbouali in Casbah.
October 25 Meeting of the Execution and Coordination committee in Tunis.
November 06 Agreement between the National Movement and the French army to suppress the Revolution.
December 22 Death in action of Abbane Ramdane in Morocco.


January 08 Dissolution of the Algerian Muslim Students General Union.
February 08 Bombing of Sakiet Sidi Youcef (Camps of Algerian refugees inTunisia).
February 19 The French minister’s council decides to institute forbidden zones on the West frontiers.
April 15 Multiplication of French governments of which the fall is caused by the Revolution: Fall of Felix Gaillard government.
April 25 Execution of the death sentence by guillotine of Taleb Abderrahmane (28 years).
April 28 The congress of Tangiers supports the struggle of the Algerian people.
May 13 May 13th, 1958 putsch leaded by four French high Officers (Généraux).
June 04-07 Visit of Charles de Gaulle to Algeria.
June 17 Death of the head of the Messalist movement Mohamed Belounis.
June 28 Multiplication of operations carried out by the Federation members.
August 27-28 M’hamed Yazid presents a manifesto to the United Nations denouncing France policy.
September 19 Creation of the Algerian Republic Provisional Government (ARPG).
September 26 First declaration of the ARPG which announces the opening of negotiations with France.
October 02 Announcement of Constantine socio economic project.
October 23 Charles de Gaulle proposes the Peace of the Brave men to the NLF.
November 03 Evolution of the strategy of the NLA in front of military operations.
December 02 Charles de Gaulle is elected President of the French Republic.
December 08 The United Nations list the Algerian issue on their works agenda.


March 7 Transfer of Ahmed Ben Bella and his companions to the prison of Aix island.
March 28 Death in action of colonels Amirouche and Si El Haoues.
April 18 Implementation of Challe plan.
April 01 France locks up more than 9 million Algerians in concentration camps.
May 05 Death in action of Colonel Si Mohamed Bougara.
July 22 Beginning of the execution of “operation jumelles” in department II.
July 29 Death in action of Si Tayeb El Djeghlafi, head of department IV
August 27-30 General De Gaulle and the colonial policy in Algeria.
September 01 The Arab League adopts a certain number of resolutions in the frame of the Arab support to the Revolution.
September 04 The National Liberation Army braves operation “pierres précieuses”.
September 16 Charles de Gaulle recognizes the right of Algeria to self-determination.
November 10 Charles De Gaulle renews his call for a cease-fire.
November 20 The ARPG appoints Ahmed Ben Bella and his companions to undertake negotiations with France about self-determination.
December 10 Meeting of the Revolution National Council and formation of the second provisional government under the presidency of Ferhat Abbas.
December 19 The Algerian Workers General Union rejects the results of the investigation about the death of Aissat Idir.


January 05 The newspaper “Le Monde” publishes the report of the Red Cross on torture   in Algeria.                                              
January 18 The National Council approves the creation of the National Liberation Army Staff under the leadership of colonel Houari Boumediene.
January 19 Increase of activity of the woman during the Revolution with the participation of the Algerian Women Union in Bamako.
February 13 First french nuclear explosion in Reggane in the Algerian Sahara.
March 08 Meeting of the Algerian Revolution National Council in Tunis.
March 27 Death in action of Colonel Lotfi, head of department V.
April 30 Second explosion of a French atomic bomb.
April 30 Welcome of Krim Belkacem by the authorities.
May 01 Use of bombs with napalm by France south of Ain Sefra.
May 04 Visit of the ARPG delegation to Vietnam in the frame of the Internationalization of the Algerian issue.
June 28 Beginning of algero-french negotiations in Melun.
September 05 Charles De Gaulle evokes Algerian Algeria during a conference.
September 27 Visit of Ferhat Abbas and Bentobbal to the Soviet Union and China.
October 07 Among the states which recognized the ARPG, the Soviet Union.
October 12 Attack of posts of the Harkis group in Paris.
November 16 Charles De Gaulle declares in front of the minister’s council his intention to organize a referendum on self-determination.
December 11 Starting of December 11th demonstrations in several regions of the country.


April 11                                During a press conference, Charles De Gaulle declares that it is not in the        interest of France to stay in Algeria and asserts that Algeria is Algerian.
May 10 Actual starting of Algero-french negotiations in Evian.
July 20 Resumption of Algero-french negotiations in Lugrin.
July 13 Death of Colonel Si Salah Zaamoum.
August 09-28 Meeting of the Algerian Revolution National Council and appointment Benyoucef Benkhedda as president of the ARPG.
November 04  Arrest of Abderrahmane Fares.
December 06 Anti-SAO day (Secret Army Organization).


January 09 Mohamed Seddik Benyahia  hands over the memorandum of the Algerian Government as an answer to the French memorandum.
February 27                       Demonstrations of Ouargla to denounce the Sahara scission project.
March 18                    Signing of Evian agreements by Krim Belkacem and Louis Joxe.


March 29 The provisional executive presided over by Abderrahmane Fares is put in charge to manage the transition period and prepare the referendum.
April 01 The SAO intensifies its terrorist operations against Algerians.
June 28 Ahmed Ben Bella leaves Tunis on board an Egyptian plane.
July 01                                  Referendum on self-determination.
Voters have to decide by “yes” or “no” on the following question: “Do you want Algeria to become an independent state cooperating with France under the conditions defined by the 19 March 1962 declarations? The “yes” wins by over 99.72% of voters.