Excavations in Algeria have revealed that Homo erectus resided there between 500,000 and 700,000 years ago.

Phoenician traders settled on the Mediterranean coast in the 1st millennium B.C.

As ancient Numidia, Algeria became a Roman colony, part of what was called Mauretania Caesariensis, at the close of the Punic Wars (145 B.C. ).

Conquered by the Vandals about A.D. 440, it fell from a high state of civilization to virtual barbarism, from which it partly recovered after advent of Islam about 650.

Christian during its Roman period, the indigenous Berbers were then converted to Islam.

Falling under the Ottoman Authority  by 1536, Algiers served for three centuries as the headquarters of the Algiers Regency.

The French occupied Algeria in 1830 and made it a part of France in 1848.


  1. Middle Paleolithic: Aterian civilization (Bir el-Ater deposit, in Némentcha, 70 km south of Tebessa, at the eastern end of Jebel Onk).
  2. Neolithic old “escargotières” of the Constantinois and the Sahara: hills of stones, the Capsiens are snail eaters.
  3. Recent in the Sahara (humid): brilliant civilization (engravings and cave paintings of the Tassili of the Adjers).
  4. XVIth to the IXth century BC:  the probable descendants of the Capsiens come into contact with the “peoples of the Sea” who teach them Aegean and Anatolian techniques: the Sahara becomes desert and empty.

Carthaginian Period, Roman Epoch and Kingdom of Numidia

  1. Towards -1250: Arrival of the Phoenicians and foundation of the counters of Hippo and Utica …
  2. Towards -510:  Treaty between Rome and Carthage, Rome recognizes the commercial monopoly of Carthage in the western Mediterranean.
  3. -348 to -306: Punic-Roman trade treaties.
  4. -264 to -146 Punic Wars (-264 -241, -218 -201, -149 -146).
  5. 3rd and 2nd centuries BC: Numa kingdoms of Syphax, Massinissa and Jugurtha.
  6. -111 to -105: War jugurthine between Jugurtha king of the Numidians and the Romans.
  7. -46: Numidia becomes a Roman province.
  8. 1 to 429: Romanization of North Africa.
  9. 429 to 430: Vandal Invasion.
  10. 533-646: Byzantine Conquest of North Africa.

The Advent of Islam

  1. 647:Arrival of the Arabs: Incursion of Oqba ibn-Nafa.
  2. 776-909:The Rostomid Dynasty.
  3. 908-972:The Fatimid Dynasty.
  4. 972-1148:The Zirides.
  5. 1007 to 1152:The Hammadites.
  6. 1052-1147:The Almoravids.
  7. 1121-1235:The Almohads.
  8. 1235-1556:The Zianid Dynasty.

The Ottoman Authority

  1. 1518: In order to combat the threat of the Spanish occupation, Algiers was placed under the protection of the Ottoman Sultan of Istanbul by Barbarossa.
  2. 1534-1587:  Reign of the “Beylerbeys” (23 Beylerbeys succeeded to the power).
  3. 1587-1659:  Reign of the Pachas (about 40 Pachas succeeded to the power).
  4. 1659-1671: Reign of the “Aghas” ​​(about 04 aghas succeeded to the power). Authority of the Deys-Pachas (11 deys succeeded one another).
  5. 1671-1710: Algiers resists English and French offensives (1678,1680,1682,1688).
  6. 1710-1830:  Authority of the Dey (18 succeeded, the last being the dey Hocine)

Chronology of the resistance and the national movement

  1. 1830-1870
  2. 1871-1919
  3. 1923-1954

Chronology of the colonial policy

  1. 1830-1870
  2. 1870-1900
  3. 1900-1954

Chronology of the Algerian Revolution and the colonial policy

  1. 1954-1962


Chronology of the resistance and the national movement


June 14                       Landing of the french military expedition

June 18                       Battle of Staoueli between the french and the Dey troops

July 23                        Beginning of resistance in Mitidja


November 27            Triggering of Emir AbdelKader resistance


June 03                       Hamdane Khodja presents a report on the Algerian situation


February 26               Signing of Desmichels Treaty


June 27                       Battles of Emir Abdelkader : Battle of Maktâa

September 23            Emir Abdelkader sends a mail to Great-Britain


November 21            First battle of Constantine


May 30                       Signing of Tafna Treaty between Emir Abdelkader and General Bugeaud

October 06-13            Second battle of Constantine


December 23             Combats of Emir Abdelkader army : Battle of Oued El Alleug


May 16                       The Tribe of Emir Abdelkader falls into the hands of Duc d’Aumale


September 26            Combats of Emir Abdelkader army : Battle of Sidi Brahim.


July                             Removal of Emir Abdelkader to Morocco.

December 23             Emir Abdelkader surrenders to french commander Lamoriciere

December 25             Emir Abdelkader is transfered to France


June 05                       Ahmed Bey surrenders to french forces

November                 Emir Abdelkader is transfered to Amboise prison


May                            Beginninig of the resistance of Zaatchas

November 26            CHEIKH Bouziane dies in action during the battle of Sidi el Mazari


February                    Triggering of the resistance of Cherif Boubaghla

September 05            Triggering of the resistance of Bennaceur ibn Chohra


December 02/04       Triggering of resistance in Laghouat


August 30                  Triggering of resistance in Djurdjura under the leadership of Cherif Bouhmara


May                            Triggering of the resistance of Lalla Fatma N’soumer


April 08                      Triggering of the resistance of Ouled Sidi CHEIKH


February 01               Battles of the resistance of Ouled Sidi CHEIKH : Battle of Oum Debdab under the        leadership of Si Yala

Chronology of the resistance and the national movement (1871-1919)


January                      Triggering of the resistance of Beni Menaceur

February                    Triggering of the resistance of Spahis and Mohamed El Kablouti

March Appointment of Henri de Gueydon as general governor in Algeria

March 05                    Cherif Bouchoucha penetrates the region of Oued Souf and appoints Bennaceur Ben Chohra to represent him as Khalifa

March 15                    Triggering of the resistance of El Hadj El Mokrani

March 25                    Confiscation of Mohamed El Mokrani assets by decision of Algeria general governor

April                           CHEIKH El Haddad joins El Mokrani and combats on his sides

May 05                       Death in action of El Hadj Mohamed El Mokrani

June                            Triggering of the resistance of Mouley Ech-Chekfa

July                             CHEIKH El Haddad is made prisoner by the french army in company of his son Aziz

September 20            Battle of Negrine between Cherif Mohamed Ben Abdallah and the french army

October 12                 Cherif Mohamed Ben Abdallah goes to the tunisian west


June                            Appointment of General Antoine Chanzy as Algeria general governor

July                             Cherif Bouchoucha launches several attacks against french positions located in the South


March Cherif Bouchoucha is made prisoner


June 02                       Bennaceur Ben Chohra leaves Tunisia for Beyrouth and Damascus in reason of Tunis Bey pressures

June 29                       The French authorities execute the death penalty of Cherif Bouchoucha in Constantine


April 11                      Triggering of the resistance of the oasis of Amiri (Biskra)


March Appointment of Albert Grevy as Algeria general governor

June                            Triggering of Aures resistance


February 16               Triggering of the resistance of touaregs under the leadership of CHEIKH Amoud

April                           Triggering of the resistance of CHEIKH Bouamama

May 19                       Battles of the resistance of Ouled Sidi CHEIKH : Battle of Chellala

August 14                  Destruction of the mausoleum of Sidi CHEIKH by the french army

November 26            Appointment of Louis Tirman as Algeria general governor


May 26                       Death of Emir Abdelkader ibn Mohieddine in Damascus


August                       The french army launches a military campaign in Djebel Amour mounts against tribes which joined CHEIKH Bouamama resistance


April 26                      Triggering of the resistance of Ain Turki and Miliana under the leadership of CHEIKH Yacoub ibn El Hadj

January                      The french authority confiscates the assets of those who participated to the resistance of Aïn Turki

February                    Moroccan authorities drive CHEIKH Bouamama out of Figuig on demand of the French.

May 07                       Triggering of the battle of Tit under the leadership of CHEIKH Amoud


January                      Battle of Samamir near Oujda between CHEIKH Bouamama and the moroccan army


July/August             Triggering of several forest fires in the region of Chlef and in Kabylie; France adopts the principle of collective responsibility to punish  tribes


February 03               Publication of the decree bearing obligatory conscription of young Algerians

September 19            Publication of the decree bearing sanctions relative to obligatory conscription

September 21            Triggering of the resistance of Beni Chougrane (Mascara) against obligatory conscription


February                    CHEIKH Amoud wins victory over french troops during the battle of Djanet

September                 Resistance of Aures  aginst obligatory conscription


May                            Emir Khaled, grandson of Emir Abdelkader sends a petition to President Wilson



July                             Emir Khaled leaves Algeria bound for Cairo


July                             Letter from Emir Khaled to President Heriot

September 03            Holding of the congress of the North-Africans with the participation of Emir Khaled


March 25,1925           Maurice Violette is appointed general governor in Algeria

March 1926                Creation of the party of The North African Star


June 10/18                 Creation of the Federation of Algerian elected members


January 01,1930        Celebration of the occupation centenary


May 5,1931                Creation of The Muslim Ulemas Association

July 8,1931                 Promulgation of Blum violette project


September 17            Holding of the first congress of The Algerian Muslim Ulemas Association


January 09                 Death of Emir Khlaed

April 26                      Authorization of the muslim boy-scouts Federation

June 7                         Holding of the Islamic Congress


October 08/17          Creation of the Algerian Communist Party

January 26                 Promulgation of a presidential decree bearing dissolution of the North-African Star

March 11/12             Creation of the Algerian people Party

July 14                        Demonstrations of the Algerian People Party in Algiers


April 16                      Death of CHEIKH Abdelhamid ibn Badis


May 08                       Execution of Mohamed Bouras


February 12               Publishing of the Algerian Manifesto


March 14                    Creation of the Freedom and Manifesto Friends Movement


May 08                       Demonstrations of May 08, 1945


September 25/28      Creation of the Democratic Union for the Algerian Manifesto Party


10                                Creation of the Movement for the Triumph of Democratic Freedoms (MTDF)


February 15               Holding of the first congress of the MTDF

October                      Victory of the MTDF in elections

September 20            Staute of Algeria


September                 Letter from Messali El Hadj to the United Nations


September 16/18      Second congress of the Democratic Union for the Algerian Manifesto


March                         The french police undertakes the breaking up of The Special Organization

May 10                       Arrest of Ahmed Ben Bella

May                            The Muslim Ulemas Association claims the separation of the Religion and the State

June 20/21                 Trial of Ahmed Ben Bella in the case of Oran post office


May 01                       Demonstrations in Paris under the leadership of the MTDF


March 16                    Escape of Ahmed Ben Bella and Mahsas

May 14                       Demonstrations of the MTDF in Chlef

May                            France expels Messali out of Algeria


April   B                      Beginning of the crisis between Messali el Hadj and Centralists

June 12                       Mendes France is appointed general governor in Algeria


July 13-15                   Extraordinary congress of the MTDF

March Creation of the Revolutionary Committee for Unity and Action

June 17-18                  Mendes France is appointed Prime Minister

July 25                        Meeting of the 22

October 24                Creation of the National Liberation Front

October 10                 Decision of the Special organization to structure the national territory

October 24                 The date of November 1 is decreed for The triggering of the Revolution



January 31                 King Charles X decides to conquer Algeria

February 07               Appointment of Louis de Bourmont at the head of the french expedition against Algeria

September 03            General Clauzel succeeds to De Bourmont in Algeria

September 08            Clauzel promulgates a decree bearing confiscation of all the assets of the ottoman and waqf assets

December 24             Creation by Clauzel of a local militia in Algiers

December 31             Promulgation of an ordinance bearing confiscation of all the assets of Ahmed Bey


December 06             De Rovigo is appointed general commander for Algeria


April 06                      Slaughter of Al Aoufia tribe near El Harrach


March Evizard is appointed interim general commander for Algeria after the death of De Rovigo

August 28                  France sends an investigation committee on request of Hamdane Khodja


July                             Clauzel is appointed General governor in Algeria

December 06             Occupation of the city of Mascara by General Clauzel


April 04                      Occupation of the city of Medea by General Clauzel

September 30            Relegation of Hamdane Khodja and Ahmed Boudharba


October                      General Valee is appointed General governor in Algeria after the death of Damremont


December 29             General Bugeaud is appointed General Governor in Algeria


May                            Havoc of the city of Takdempt, capital of Emir Abdelkader


October 17                 Slaughter of Arib tribes by General Bugeaud


May 16                       Arson and destruction of the Tribe of Emir Abdelkader


February                    Promulgation of a ministerial decree bearing creation of arab bureaus


June 05-19                  Slaughter of the tribe of Ouled Riah by General Pelissier

August 08                  Collective slaughter of 500 people ashphyxiated by Saint Arnaud in a cave near Beni Menaceur (Surroundings of Cherchell)

November                 Legalization and regulation of the practice of hebraic cult in Algeria


November                 Decapitation of CHEIKH Bouziane, his son and his companion Moussa el Derkaoui and transfer of their heads to France


May                            General Pelissier is appointed interim General Governor

December 11             Genral Randon is appointed General Governor


February 26               Confiscation of assets of all those who participated to the resistance of Zaatchas Oasis

October 30                 Occupation authorities give their agreement for the transfer of Emir Abdelkader to Paris

December 21             Emir Abdelkader is authorized to leave France for Turkey


September 17-19       Visit to Algeria of Emperor Napoleon III

December                  General Pelissier is appointed general Governor in Algeria


November 13            Confiscation of assets of Bousaâda inhabitants who participated to the Resistance of Zaâtchas


September                 Marshal Mac Mahon is appointed general governor in Algeria


March 13                    The french authority applies the decision of assets confiscation to those who participated to the Resistance of Ouled Sidi CHEIKH

May 03                       Second visit of Emperor Napoleon III to Algeria

July 14                        Promulgation of the law called Senatus consultum law

September 01            Regulation of the colonization of populating by cession of 100 thousand hectares of confiscated lands



January 08                 Promulgation of a decree bearing organization of islamic justice

October 24                 Promulgation of Cremieux decree

March 25                    Promulgation of the decision of confiscation of all the assets of El hadj Mohamed el Mokrani


May-July                    The french authority extends the application of the assets confiscation decision to all the tribes having participated to the Resistance of El Mokrani


April 26                      Promulgation of Warnier law


July 17                        Promulgation of the law of fire fighting

September 11            Promulgation of the Denizingship Code in Algeria


June 29                       Repression of Aures Resistance and confiscation of rebels assets


June 29                       The french authorities execute Cherif Bouchoucha in Constantine


April 17                      Promulgation of a decree on isalmic justice bearing the conditions of appointment of muslim judges (cadis)


October 18                 Decree bearing organization of the teaching




March29/May28      Decision bearing creation of special courts


December 21             Reconduction and renewal of the Denizingship Code


December 24             Reconduction and renewal of the Denizingship Code


February                    Approbation of the law on obligatory conscription by the French National Assembly


July                             Reprisals operations against those who participated to the Resistance of Beni Chougrane


1917                            Measures of Leautaud against Aures Resistance


November 01             Decree of cancellation of taxes


August                       Reconduction, renewal and reinforcement of the Denizingship Code


July                             Law bearing annulment of special courts

July 08                        Violette Blum Project


January 26                 Dissolution decision of the North African Star


March 08                    Decree bearing  teaching in arab language


October 1940             Law beraing abrogation of Cremieux Decree


May 08                       Execution of Mohamed Bouras


May 10                       Arrest of Ahmed ben Bella


March 04                    135 leaders of the Special Organization were presented in front of the court


May                            Banishment of Messali El Hadj off the Algerian territory



1st of November          Triggering of the Revolution

November 03                        French reactions to the triggering of the Revolution

November 05                        Death in action of Ben Abdelmalek Ramdane near Mostaganem

November 05                        French political reactions

November 18                        Death in action of Badji Mokhtar near Souk Ahras

November 29                        Death in action of Belgacem Grine in Aures

December 23                         Beginning of military operations


January 14                             Arrest in Tunisia of Mustapha Benboulaïd, head of zone I

January 14                             Death in action of Didouche Mourad, head of zone II in the battle of Boukarkar

January 23                             Pursuance of military operations and starting of operations Violette-Veronique

January 25                             Appointment of Jacques Soustelle as general governor in replacement of Roger Leonard

February 05                           Failure of Mendes France policy and fall of the french government

April 01                                  Approbation by the French national Assembly of the application of the law bearing Emergency State for a duration of 06 months

May 15                                   Reinforcement of the french war effort : Allocation of 15 milliard francs to put an end to the Revolution

May 16                                   The french ministers council decides to assign 40 thousand additional soldiers and calls back resevists to reinforce the french war effort

June 01                                   Jacques Soustelle announces some reforms

June 13                                   Among the NLA battles : First battle of el Hamima in department I

June 24                                   Arrest of Lamine Debaghine

July 13                                    Birth of the Algerian Muslim Students General Union

August 20                              Beginning of attacks in North of Constatine area

September 22                        Battles of the NLA in department I : Battle of El Djorf 1

September 29                        Creation of the Specialized Administrative services

October 01                             The arms during the Revolution : Arrival of an arms and ammunitions lot on board  jordanian ship Diana

October 01                             Beginning of the NLA attacks in the Algerian West

October 27                             Boudghine Ben Ali (Lotfi) joins the ranks of the NLA

October 30                             Death in action of Chihani Bachir, head of department I

December 10                         Support to the french war effort : Arrival of 180 thousand soldiers to Algeria


January 7                               The Muslim Ulemas Association proclaims its self-dissolution and its rallying to the Revolution

January 19                             Murder of Dr Benzerdjeb in Tlemcen

February 24                           Creation of the Algerian workers General Union

March 22                                Death in action of Mustapha Benboulaïd

April 05                                  Desertion: Maillot deserts and joins the renks of the Revolution with a quantity of arms

April 16                                  Death in action of Souidani Boudjemaâ in the surroundings of Kolea

April 22                                  Ferhat Abbas dissolves the AMDU

April 22                                  Ahmed Francis joins the ranks of the Revolution

April 28                                  The NLA faces a combing operation called «The hope and the gun »

May 06                                   Battles of the NLA in department I: Battle of Djebel Boutaleb

May 19                                   Strike of the Algerian Muslim Students General Union who join the Revolution

May 23                                   Arrest of Aïssat Idir

July 07                                    Batlles of the NLA in department IV : Battle of Ouarsenis

August 20                              Holding of Soummam Congress

September 23                        Death in action of Zighoud Youcef in Sidi Ferghich

October 16                             The arms during the Revolution : The french forces hail the ship Athos with 70 tons of ammunitions onboard her.

November 01                        The NLF diffuses Soummam Congress resolutions

November 08                        Battles of the NLA in department 6 : Battle of Djebel Bouk’hil

December  09                        Battles of the NLA in department 6 : Battle of Nsin’sa

December 26                         Battles of the NLA in department I : Battle of Ouled Rechach


January 01                             Creation of «The voice of Algeria » radio

January 07                             Beginning of Algiers battle under the leadership of General Massu

January 09                             Creation of the Algerian Red Cresscent

January 28                             Begining of the eight days strike

February 23                           Arrest of Larbi Ben M’hidi

March 03                                Death under torture of Larbi Ben M’hidi

April 08                                  Creation of the NLF sports team

April 20                                  Battles of the NLA in department V : battle of Fellaoucene

May 28                                   Death in action of Ali Mellah, head of department VI

June 12                                   The french parliament gives its approval for the formation of Bourges-Maunoury government

July 19                                    Battles of the NLA in department IV : Battle of Djebel Bouzegza

August 05                              Republication of the newspaper El Moudjahid in Tunis

August 06                              Sahara scission policy : Decree of Max Lejeune to divide the Sahara

August 28                              Holding of the 1st National Congress of the Algerian Revolution in Cairo

September 19                        Approbation of the frame law relative to Algeria by the French Ministers Council

October 08                             Death in action of Ali Ammar (Ali Lapointe) and Hassiba Benbouali in Casbah

October 25                             Meeting of the Execution and Coordination committee in Tunis

November 06                        Agreement between the National Movement and the french army to supress the Revolution

December 22                         Death in action of Abbane Ramdane in Morocco


January 08                             Dissolution of the Algerian Muslim Students General Union

February 08                           Bombing of Sakiet Sidi Youcef

February 19                           The french ministers council decides to institute forbidden zones on the West frontiers

April 15                                  Multiplication of french governments of which the fall is caused by the Revolution : Fall of Felix Gaillard government

April 25                                  Execution of the death sentence by guillotine of Taleb Abderrahmane

April 28                                  The congress of Tangiers supports the struggle of the Algerian people

May 13                                   May 13th, 1958 putsch

June 04-07                              Visit of Charles de Gaulle to Algeria

June 17                                   Death of the head of the Messalist movement Mohamed Belounis

June 28                                   Multiplication of operations carried out by the Federation members

August 27-28                         M’hamed Yazid presents a manifesto to the United Nations denouncing France policy.

September 19                        Creation of the Algerian Republic Provisional Government (ARPG)

September 26                        First declaration of the ARPG which announces the opening of negociations with France

October 02                             Announcement of Constantine socio economic project

October 23                             Charles de Gaulle proposes the Peace of the Brave men  to the NLF

November 03                        Evolution of the strategy of the NLA in front of military operations

December 02                         Charles de Gaulle is elected President of the French Republic

December 08                         The United Nations list the Algerian issue on their works agenda.


March 7                                  Transfer of Ahmed Ben Bella and his companions to the prison of Aix island

March 28                                Death in action of colonels Amirouche and Si El Haoues

April 18                                  Implementation of Challe plan

April 01                                  France locks up more than 9 million Algerians in concentration camps

May 05                                   Death in action of Colonel Si Mohamed Bougara

July 22                                    Beginning of the execution of operation jumelles in department II

July 29                                    Death in action of Si Tayeb El Djeghlafi, head of department IV

August 27-30                         General De Gaulle and the colonial policy in Algeria

September 01                        The Arab League adopts a certain number of resolutions in the frame of the arab support to the Revolution

September 04                        The National Liberation Army braves operation  pierres precieuses

September 16                        Charles de Gaulle recognizes the right of Algeria to self-determination

November 10                        Charles De Gaulle renews his call for a cease-fire

November 20                        The ARPG appoints Ahmed Ben Bella and his companions to undertake negociations with France about self-determination

December 10                         Meeting of the Revolution National Council and formation of the second provisional government under the presidency of Ferhat Abbas

December 19                         The Algerian Workers General Union rejects the results of the investigation  about the death of Aissat Idir


January 05                             The newspaper “Le Monde” publishes the report of the Red Cross on torture in Algeria

January 18                             The National Council approves the creation of the Staff under the leadership of colonel Houari Boumediene

January 19                             Increase of activity of the woman during the Revolution with the participation of the Algerian Women Union in Bamako.

February 13                           First french nuclear explosion in Reggane in the Algerian Sahara

March 08                                Meeting of the Algerian Revolution National Council in Tunis

March 27                                Death in action of Colonel Lotfi, head of department V

April 30                                  Second explosion of a french atomic bomb

April 30                                  Welcome of Krim Belkacem by the authorities……………………

May 01                                   Use of bombs with napalm by France  south of Ain Sefra

May 04                                   Visit of the ARPG delegation to Vietnam in the frame of the Internationalization of the Algerian issue

June 28                                   Beginning of algero-french negociations in Melun

September 05                        Charles De Gaulle evokes Algerian Algeria during a conference

September 27                        Vist of Ferhat Abbas and Bentobbal to the Soviet Union and China

October 07                             Among the states which recognized the ARPG, the Soviet Union

October 12                             Attack of posts of the Harkis group in Paris

November 16                        Charles De Gaulle declares in front of the ministers council his intention to organize a referendum on self-determination

December 11                         Starting of December 11th demonstrations in several regions of the country


April 11                                  During a press conference, Charles De Gaulle declares that it is not in the interest of France to stay in Algeria and asserts that Algeria is Algerian

May 10                                   Actual starting of Algero-french negociations in Evian

July 20                                    Resumption of Algero-french negociations in Lugrin

July 13                                    Death of Colonel Si Salah Zaamoum

August 09-28                         Meeting of the Algerian Revolution National Council and appointment pf Benyoucef Benkhedda as president of the ARPG

November 04                        Arrest of Abderrahmane Fares

December 06                         Anti-SAO day (Secret Army Organization)


January 09                             Seddik Benyahia  hands over the memorandum of the Algerian Government as an answer to the french memorandum

February 27                           Demonstrations of Ouargla to denounce the Sahara scission project

March 18                                Signing of Evian agreements by Krim Belkacem and Louis Joxe

March 29                                The provisional executive presided over by Abderrahmane Fares is put in charge to manage the transistion period and prepare the referendum

April 01                                  The SAO intensifies its terrorist operations against Algerians

June 28                                   Ahmed Ben Bella leaves Tunis on board an Egyptian plane

July 01                                    Referendum on self-determination

July 05                               OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION OF THE INDEPENDENCE

October 08                            Algeria’s accesssion to United Nations.


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Proclamation of 01 November

The lifting of the Algerian flag at the UN in video