Constitution of the candidate’s file and modalities for the submission

The Algerian embassy in Kampala wishes to inform all citizens who fulfill the conditions stated in article 92 of the law 16-10 concerning the electoral system; and are desirous to put forward their candidature in the 2017 elections, that the withdrawal of the necessary documents for the constitution of the candidature file shall be carried out from Saturday February 4th 2017.

The documents in question are in the form of a folder comprising:

  • a submission form of the list of candidates;

  • a sheet for individual information;

  • a classification form of the candidates;

  • a form for the subscription of signatures for:

  • the lists of independent candidates;

  • lists of candidates standing under the auspices of one or several political parties who do not fulfill the conditions layed down by article 94 of the organic law concerning the electoral system.

These documents should be submitted by the duly entitled representative of the candidates a long with a letter announcing the intention to appear on the list of candidates.

The declaration of candidature must be accompanied with a file for each candidate and substitute appearing on the list alongside with the following supporting documents:

  • a certificate of sponsorship or of political parties for the list of candidates running under the aegis of one or several political parties;

  • a certificate of accomplishment or exemption from the national service;

  • certificate of Algerian nationality;

  • passport-size photo;

  • a copy of the election campaign programme for the list of independent candidates;

  • a copy of the certification report delivered by the president of the electoral commission of the electoral constituency for the lists of independent candidates;

  • copy of the consular registration;

  • copy of the passport or national identity card;

  • copy of the voter’s card or certificate of registration on the voter’s list;

  • extract of the police record delivered by the authorities of the country of residence.

The submission of the lists of candidates shall be done at our embassy in Kampala (for the applicants residing in this consular constituency), by the candidate figuring on the top of the list or in case of impedement by the candidate appearing in the second position against an acknowledgement of receipt.

Interested applicants may pick the necessary documents for the constitution of the candidature file at the Algerian embassy Kampala from 04th February to 04th march 2017, from time…………………………