Aug 10, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022

Twenty eight experts of the Uganda Police Force in a two weeks immersion training in Algeria. February 13th /March 04th

Aug 10, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022

H.E. Nestor Bankumukunzi, Minister of Posts, Information Technologies, Communication and Media of the Republic of Burundi attends an African conference in Algiers.

Aug 10, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022

President Kagame hosts annual Diplomats’ luncheon 2017. 23/01/2017

President Kagame hosted, on January 23th, diplomats accredited to Rwanda, to a new year Luncheon at the Kigali Convention Centre. The Luncheon is an annual event that brings together Rwandan leaders and diplomats.

Wishing the diplomats a happy new year 2017, President Kagame thanked the diplomats for the important part they play in nurturing partnerships between Rwanda and the respective nations.

Algeria was represented by its Ambassador to Rwanda, resident in Kampala, his spouse, and Mr. Abdelaziz DJAFRI, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. of the Algerian Diplomatic Mission in Kigali.


link below :

Kagame’s address at the Diplomatic Luncheon 2017


Aug 10, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022

The Ambassador of Algeria congratulates the new Permanent Secretary of MOFA. 17/01/2017.

The Ambassador of Algeria, Mr Farid Boulahbel, has been received, on January 17th, by the new Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uganda, the Ambassador Patrick Mugoya.

On this occasion, the Ambassador of Algeria congratulated the Ambassador Patrick Mugoya for his appointment to this important post and expressed his entire availability to continue to work with him to promote bilateral relations between Algeria and Uganda.

The two officials had they reviewed the status of the bilateral cooperation between Algeria and Uganda, and had a fruitful exchange of views on many African issues, in particular as regards the coordination of the positions of the two countries within the African Union, and the reciprocal support for the candidacies of each of the two countries for posts in regional and/or international organizations.

Mr Mugoya is a career Diplomat. And after 33 years in the Foreign Service, which he joined in 1979, he was for a five years the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism.

Aug 10, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022

Hon. Ali Kirunda Kivejjinja participates in a colloquium in Algiers 28th – 29th December 2016.

Hon. Ali Kirunda Kivejinja, Second Deputy Prime Minister & Minister for East African Affairs, participates in a colloquium in Algiers under the theme “Algeria’s contribution towards the liberation of Africa”and makes a remarkable speech on this theme (Below is the Link to text of the communication).

Participants in this international colloquium were ​​called on to continue supporting the Saharawi cause and strengthen ties between Algeria and African countries in order to achieve the objectives of the African Union on the basis of the decisions and principles of the African Union.

Below is the link to the text of the communication (PDF) :

Hadj Kirunda

Aug 10, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022

Hon. Specioza Wandira-Kazibwe, former vice-President of Uganda, participates in a two-day African Workshop in Constantine- Algeria. December 12th-13th.

Hon. Specioza Wandira-Kazibwe, former vice-President of the Republic of Uganda, participated in the high level mediation workshop for women in Constantine, Algeria, to December 12-13, 2016. The workshop focused on the theme: “Silencing the Weapons by 2020: Women in preventive mediation, at the table of peace and in the mechanisms of social cohesion “and is supported by UNFEMMES and the African Center for Reconstruction and Conflict Resolution (ACCOORD). Organized under the aegis of the Panel of Elders, the Pan-African Network of Elders (PanWise), and the Office of the Special Envoy for Women, Peace and Security of the African Union.

Aug 27, 2016 to Aug 28, 2016

Visit to Uganda of experts of Algerian Police.

For the follow-up of the visit in Algiers, on July 2017, of the Inspector General of Uganda Police and discussions  with his Algerian counterpart,  the General Major Abdelghani HAMEL, General of the National Security, and in accordance with the implementation of the memorandum of understanding  signed on this occasion, a Algerian delegation of senior police officers stayed a week in Uganda to finalize plans of training Uganda Police.

Jul 27, 2016 to Jul 28, 2016

Visit to Algeria of the Inspector General of Uganda Police Force, General Kale Kayihura

General Major Abdelghani HAMEL, General Director of National Security, examined, on July 27th 2016 in Algiers, with the Ugandan Inspector General of Police, Geneneral Kale Kayihura, the ways and means of strengthening bilateral cooperation particularly in terms of training and fight against cross-border crime. The two sides discussed during the meeting, ways of strengthening cooperation between Algeria and Uganda’s policies in the field of education, the criminal police, fighting cross-border crime and drug trafficking.

The talks focused on issues of cyber crime, extremism and other forms of crime, as part of the African cooperation mechanism Afripol’, said the same statement. The Director General of National Security expressed the willingness of the Algerian police to reinforce the channels of cooperation between the police authorities of African countries to be in tune with the latest developments in the fight against crime in all its forms.

The Inspector General of Ugandan police for his part praised the high level reached by the Algerian police, emphasizing the pioneering role and professionalism of the Algerian police elements that is a model to be followed by other police bodies.

General Kale Kayihura and his accompanying delegation visited the command and control center of the DGNS in Algiers, where they received a full explanation of the missions of this strategic structure to include the management and deployment of workforce police, in addition to support for citizen calls for more efficiency in the cooperation between citizens and the police in the fight against all forms of crime.

Ugandan delegation, which stayed from 26 to 29 July in Algiers, has visited the headquarters of the Air Unit of National Security and the headquarters of Afripol in Algiers.

Aug 10, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022

Uganda represented at the “10th ACSRT Focal Points Meeting” organized in Algiers by the African Union in the African Center for Studies and Research on Terrorism (ASCRT).

Colonel Irumba Tingira OMERO, from the Ministry of Defense of Uganda, participated in the “10th ACSRT Focal Points Meeting” organized in Algiers by the African Union, at the level of the African Center for Studies and Research on Terrorism (CAERT).

The works of the 10th annual meeting of Focal Points of the African Center for the Study and Research on Terrorism (CAERT) began on December 14th 2016 in Algiers.

The three-day meeting will provide an opportunity to analyze the current state of terrorism on the continent, to improve coordination in the fight against terrorism and to determine the way forward to advance counter-terrorism objectives. To this end, organizers, CAERT experts and other counter-terrorism experts from Africa and around the world will be invited to make presentations on the events related to terrorism in Africa in 2016 and their impact on the Security situation in the continent.

Experts will also be working on the theme “National Security Architecture and Anti-Terrorist Mechanism” and “Anti-Terror Cooperation”, to propose ideas for improving cooperation and response to the terrorist threat , It was also indicated.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr Hassan RABHI, Secretary General of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Algeria with the presence of  institutions representing African countries in CAERT, CAERT partner organizations, the African Union Peace and Security Commissioner (AU), Smail CHERGUI.

May 12, 2016

Personal Representative of President BOUTEFLIKA to President MUSEVENI swearing in ceremony.

Following the invitation he received from President Yoweri Kaguta MUSEVENI of Uganda, the President of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Mr. Abdelaziz BOUTEFLIKA, designated Mr. Larbi OULD KHELIFA to represent him at the ceremony of the re-elected Ugandan president, which took place in Kampala on 12th May 2016.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. OULD KHELIFA was received in audience by His Excellency President MUSEVENI, in the presence of Hon. Sam KETUSA, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador of Algeria in Uganda.